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Working for Acceptance

I took in some news on the telly Tuesday night. I observed a report I found to be quite true about an illness. It was a report on how many of my American coworkers are workaholics. This is something that’s … Continue reading

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Chuck Norris He is Not

It’s been said that I like to swim. One could also say I get easily distracted during my swim workouts. Last Friday I was extra entertained by a peculiar sideline distraction, making it hard to push myself. You see I … Continue reading

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Blue Eyed Justice

I do this volunteer thing with a non-profit group called Youth For Understanding, or YFU.  Normally my wife and I represent foreign exchange students while they are in Seattle.  We check on the students to make sure the families are … Continue reading

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Wherever the Day Leads Me

Yesterday was rather unpredictable and random.   I met two contractors at our tudor style house to review estimates for work on our overgrown and unkempt backyard.  Met the first contractor during lunch.  I drive like mad on a nearly empty … Continue reading

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Farsi Fantasy for Me

Finally, an audio post to listen to ad nauseam, inspired by the lovely and talented Pomme. Check out her blog to why I felt the need to get this farsi song out of my head.  My buddy, Mr. Postforoosh, will … Continue reading

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Triathlete Monkey

I’m so one dimensional.  There I said it.  I met my wife for lunch yesterday at her office and I heard the same sort of comment from everyone. "Egan, how’s the training going?" So there’s the proof that maybe I … Continue reading

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Open Mic

(well I accidentally posted without anything to read.  I have obviously come back in here and added some text.  I open the door to chat about whatever topic you want.  See list below for possible ideas, it’s not a complete … Continue reading

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