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For You to Know

The new job: busy like a beaver My week with Baby Singe: heaps of daddy time Ability to put rational thoughts together: not my strong suit What I should be doing, but I’m not: showering and cleaning kitchen Why am … Continue reading

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Not Running Away

I have been all over the place the past week. Most importantly though, nothing is wrong. I've had more issues with my BlackBerry than I care to discuss and my single parent stint is over.  Our little one is most … Continue reading

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I’m driving around doing some errands. I pass by this department store and decide I will run inside to check a couple things off my list. I guide the Subaru through a messy interchange with Baby Singe in the backseat. … Continue reading

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Single Parent Stint #4

First there was a ten day trip to Japan about a year ago. Follow it with a fabulous trip to Paris. Finally, there was a work visit to Vegas which lasted five full days. It has been some time since … Continue reading

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Egan 7:14

Damn, I can’t figure out a clever way to start this post. So here it goes, 14. Fourteen kids. What the hell is going on? I’m one of seven kids so I can’t imagine what it would be like to … Continue reading

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You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Dear daughter, You’re 18 months old now. When will you stop growing? You’re walking and babbling like nobody’s business. You continue to bring us immense joy and laughter. We love how you wake up in the morning and sing to … Continue reading

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So That’s What Foundation is For

It is good to meet people. It is good to dance. It’s good to dance and meet people you might find attractive. See, this is type of thought process which got me in trouble during college. When you’re underage, your … Continue reading

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