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Blank Tiles

Previously on this blog I mentioned how Facebook removed the unlicensed online version of Scrabble, Scrabulous, due to mounting pressure from Mattel and Hasbro.  Many Facebook users were upset and formed protests stating they would boycott all products made by … Continue reading

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Triple Word Score

Alright, I’m curious to hear your opinions on a certain matter.  Facebook had an application available to users called Scrabulous.  The game, one I never won, was played by millions of Facebook users.  The online version of the classic board game was made … Continue reading

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Friends & Family Love

The car wasn’t parked in the driveway like usual. I didn’t think too much of it. I unpacked Anna from the Subaru and went inside our house. The long week was officially over and I was thankfully home with my … Continue reading

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Button Your Lip Baby

There are days when I wish I could cave.  There are impulses which course through my veins, demanding I share.  If I could just pluck away some quick posts about what’s on my mind and why I’m annoyed… life would … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Vélo

Eleven days ago I begrudingly signed up for a local triathlon.  I’ve only been in a pool three times since Anna was born in August of last year and on my bike twice.  However, I told myself I would do this triathlon no … Continue reading

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When and Where it’s Due

It’s fair to say I spend a decent amount of time at my daughter’s daycare.  That being said, next week is Faculty Appreciation Week.   There are 55 loving people who staff the more than 200 children daycare.  This is … Continue reading

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Oui, I’m Fit

… the Wii Fit arrived on Friday and has been my achilles heel since.  The good thing is I now know a few yoga postures and I’m becoming quite flexible in the process.  Pictures to prove it will follow…. … … Continue reading

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Every Step I Take

… they’ll be watching me… every move I make, every vow I break, they’ll be watching me. Okay seriously, the last place you’d expect to see quoted Police lyrics is on my blog.  I mean, come on, the guy is … Continue reading

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The Tough Get Mowing

I suppose it’s true about the economy.  On two consecutive days we had people wander up to our door asking if they could mow our lawn for some cash.  Day #1 Man was well put together with a folder containing … Continue reading

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About About

“What did I learn the past few days?”   About myself:  I learned I’m not an appliance repair person.  When the dishwasher backs up, it’s time to call the pros.  Computer troubleshooting skills don’t translate to Mr. Handyman. About my … Continue reading

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