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C’est tout mes amis.  Au revoir pour maintenant! One of the worst months of my life is closing.  It’s hard to believe how painful it has been, but the good thing is it’s over.  I think it’s best I give … Continue reading

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Le Testing de la Patience

Where have I been? I’m not even sure where to start as this week has been such a huge blur. Our daughter got healthy, so we took her back to daycare on Wednesday morning. Thursday her temperature rose throughout the … Continue reading

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Soy Much Better

Quick update here on our little girl.  She’s back in daycare today and seems much better.  We have her on soy-based formula to avoid any future bowel inflamation.  I haven’t seen blood in her stools in two days and she’s … Continue reading

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I’ll Buy a Bowel

(updates to this post below) Sunday oh Sunday! 24 weeks old she is and this means Anna is 168 days old. The past couple of days our daughter had been abnormally fussy in the afternoon. After waiting a couple days … Continue reading

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Seattle 101

I-90’s Last Stand Last Sunday was absolutely beautiful in Seattle. We went for a walk on the chilly clear day with our friend and their daughter. We bundled our little one and loaded her in the stroller for some sightseeing. … Continue reading

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Bottle the Sanity

That’s two days worth of bottles. Currently there are 18 bottles either in the sink or on the counter waiting to be cleaned. Eighteen. I wish that was an arbitrary number I just pulled out of my ass, but it … Continue reading

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Can You See Me Now?

Mystify Me Week continues here at Les Singes.  (les singes is the plural form of monkey in French in case you don’t speak the language).  The last post I asked about some social behavior.  Now I’d like to learn more … Continue reading

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