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Biding My Time

It’s back to school time already? I took a spin through Target on Sunday trying to buy something or another and I was reminded how it’s back to school time for the youngsters. I was bombarded with not so subtle … Continue reading

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Nada, Nein, Non,… Hells No

Aww, it was a busy Saturday. I won’t make you wait any longer since Anna still has not arrived. There are some concrete signs she’s on her way though. Good as in pain for my wife and not for me. … Continue reading

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This Just In….

…we’re still childless.  I have much more to add to this post, but I don’t currently have my thinking cap on.  If I don’t post something new here for a couple days, I fear you will all assume I’m a … Continue reading

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Bumbershoots and Leaves

Last week I met up with a fellow blogger for the second time in nine months. Our rendez-vous happened at a downtown Seattle coffee store with light drizzle falling. We didn’t have much time to chat since I parked in … Continue reading

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I got hooked on a really cool book this weekend.  It’s this book about a geeky boy who isn’t all that appreciated by his aunt and uncle.  Somehow this boy has inherited heaps of mystical powers.  Yes, I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Where Would I Be

I thought about recording an audiopost because I’m up way past my bedtime. I thought about posting a picture and letting you make wacky comments about it. I thought about mocking Sting and John Mayer, but I value my life. … Continue reading

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My Neck is Off Limits

"Are you going to Pelts’ wedding or not?" My buddy asked me this question.  I sort of shrugged my shoulders.  Normally I worked weekends so the thought of driving up to Seattle on a nice July weekend didn’t seem all … Continue reading

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Just Another Hypnotic Monday

I came here to type an update on my exciting weekend, but I got nothing.  Nothing to share, nothing to expose, nothing of any value.  Please resume your normal procrastination elsewhere. Ha, so not true.  I did a triathlon this … Continue reading

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Sketchy Things and Stuff

four weekends left "my wife is still pregnant" is my new phrase du jour pulling all-nighters isn’t as easy as it used to be my first triathlon since last year’s Ironman is Sunday I can’t wait to hook up the … Continue reading

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Come Stai?

I ain’t mad at ya! I’m spending a couple lovely days just north of the Motor City on official business while my wife is home 36 weeks pregnant. Ha, bitter? Anyways, the flight to Detroit was uneventful. I brought my … Continue reading

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