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The Year of the Ironman

Oh the places I’ve gone.  2006 is almost in the books and it’s been one of the more memorable years for me.  There were some monumental ups followed by some low points during the past 12 months.  The focus of … Continue reading

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Unresolute Me or Else

I had some wild ambitions for the year of 2006.  I was able to accomplish my main goal of completing the Ironman back in August.  There were a couple other goals I set out to accomplish in January, but those … Continue reading

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Joyeux Holidays

Hello everyone! Happy holidays to you and your family this season. I hope you’re enjoying some relaxing time with your family, friends, the tv, the internet, pets, or a combination of all. It’s Christmas morning here in Seattle and I … Continue reading

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Quack Tape Job

It wasn’t meant to be a prank, but it sure did end up that way. I packaged up some gifts for my father-in-law and his wife living in Florida last week. I started to tape the box to give some … Continue reading

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Blood Relations

I come from a large family as most of you know.  I have five brothers and one sister.  We don’t get together all that often any more as we’re all grown up and live in various cities.  I have two … Continue reading

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Over the Top with Glee

Ho ho ho! This is an amped up house we pass daily. It’s located on a very busy street so the decorations are still lucky to be standing as I’m sure many locals are chomping at the bit.   Last year … Continue reading

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Northwest Survival Guide

We’re back from snowless Chicago.  I got out of Seattle just before all hell broke loose on Thursday evening.  Thankfully we returned home to a house that was still standing and with electricity.  Boy has it been an adventure here … Continue reading

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