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Seven is Enough

Have big families gone the way of the dinosaurs?  As most of you know I was the second youngest of seven kids (seen in the center bottom of this photo taken in 1986) so I have a unique look at … Continue reading

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Shaking the Health Care Tree

NOTE: dangerous content removed from this blog post.  I may have said some things about my workplace I shouldn’t have regarding health care coverage.  Okay, now that I have removed that stuff I can be a productive member of society.  … Continue reading

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Fast Forward a Year

When I saw those two lines on the pregnancy test in November of 2006, I immediately wanted to come to my blog and share.  Well I did that, but didn’t publish the posts for superstitious reasons.  What you see below … Continue reading

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Posing for Progress

How old are you? Can you say mommy? Are you ready for bed? Did you finish your dinner? What did you learn in school today? Did you knee him in the balls? Do you play any sports? Why do you … Continue reading

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Parking Redemption

Yesterday I was in a fiestier mood than normal, just ask Mez.  I know, shocking as it may be.  Every work day I park in the infamous garage.  Wednesday I spotted this truck taking up two spaces.  A healthy well-adjusted … Continue reading

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No Toddler Left Behind

Here’s an actual reenactment of something our friend’s daughter, Elodie*, said Tuesday.  Our friend’s daughter is two and a half years old mind you.  Mimi* is Elodie’s grandma and apparently did not provoke her beloved granddaughter.  ·         Elodie … Continue reading

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Shiny Happy Readers

Two new blog categories have emerged on this beloved space of mine.  They are "Baby Singe" and "Common Knowledge".  Not that I expect anyone to ever notice or care about the categories I pick, but whatever.  A brief description of … Continue reading

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